In a previous paper (Gadella c.s. 1966) a list of chromosome numbers of flowering plants of S. France and Spain was published. Unfortunately, one of the plants was misidentified. Collection number 61, collected near Javea, Monte Mongo, Alicante (Spain), was incorrectly assigned to Cirsium acarna (L.) Moench. The plant was considered to be a Cirsium in view of the plumose pappus. The chromosome number of a number of plants grown from this seedsample turned out to be 2n = 22, a number not found earlier in any Eurasiatic species of Cirsium. Moore & Frankton (1963) studied several North American species of the genus Cirsium and pointed out that in the North American representatives of Cirsium the chromosome numbers 2n = 34, 32, 30, 28, 26, 24, 22, 20, 18 were present, whereas the Eurasiatic species exclusively show multiples of n = 17.