Lianes, defined as woody climbers and (facultatively) straggling shrubs, were collected in an area of about 1900 square kilometres of the Brokopondo District, in the interior of Surinam. Ten different habitats were distinguished only one of which was intensively sampled, viz. the so-called “high forest”, the most luxuriant climax vegetation type in the area. A total of 132 species were distinguished, 80 of which could be determined with certainty and 15 nearly so. Among the identified species one was new (described since as Dicranostyles guianensis A. Mennega, Conv.), and 5 were new records for Surinam, viz. Sparattanthelium aruakorum Tutin (Hern.), Abuta obovata Diels, Abula splendida Kruk. et Mold., and Sciadotenia sagotiana (Eichl.) Diels (all Menisp.), and Mimosa micracantha Benth. (Mim.). The distribution of the species over the 10 habitat types is shown, and the ecology of some of them is discussed more in detail.