Among the Rubiaceae collected by Dr. P. C. Heyligers near Jodensavanne, a village on the Suriname River, I found a new Psychotria species which I provisionally described as Psychotria farameoides. At the time I made this description, it was not my intention to publish it, as on account of the absence of fruits it was incomplete. As in this genus the most trustworthy characters for the determination of the position of the species are found in the fruit, especially in the pyrene and in the endosperm, it is, in my opinion, undesirable to publish descriptions in which these characters are not recorded. However, as Dr. Heyligers wanted to mention this species in the description of one of the vegetation types found in the savannas of this region, and as after all its position could be determined with a reasonable degree of probability by means of the characters in which it resembled some other species, I decided to put my scruples aside and to publish the description. Here it is. Psychotria farameoides Brem. n. spec., a speciebus quas Mueller Argovensis ad Eu-psychotriae species Bracteosas ascripsit combinatione florum subcapitatorum cum foliis basi rotundatis et vix notabile petiolatis distinguenda, a Ps. bracteata DC quam Mueller Argovensis ad Inundatas adnumeravit forma bractearum lineari-lanceolata et foliis minoribus, pro rata angustioribus, basi rotundatis et brevius petiolatis diversa, a speciebus quas Mueller Argovensis ad subgeneris Cephaëlis species Barbifloras retulit foliis aut majoribus et pro rata angustioribus aut subsessilibus, basi rotundatis et insuper stipulis brevissimis recedens.