After the publication of part I and part II of this series a number of Aroids were collected in the interior of Surinam, chiefly by A. G. H. Daniels and F. P. Jonker during an expedition to the Emma Range in 1959. The following is an enumeration of species collected for the first time in Surinam in addition to records of recollections of rare taxa and critical notes on misinterpreted or confused species. The present authors also examined those specimens collected by J. van Donselaar and W. A. E. van Donselaar-ten Bokkel Huinink (1958/59), K. U. Kramer and W. H. E. Hekking (1960/61), J. G. Wessels Boer (1963), J. P. Schulz (1963) and P.A. Florschütz and P. J. M. Maas (1964/65).