On account of the reticulate spores with their large area of dehiscence and because of the structure of the pseudo-capillitium the monotypic genus Liceopsis and Enteridium splendens (syn. E. rozeanum) are returned to Reticularia. It is argued that R.? rozeana can not with certainty be identified, but that it can not be regarded as conspecific either with R. lobata or with R. splendens. Of R. lycoperdon a var. americana is separated, differing from the type by its free spores. A new species, R. intermedia, is described. It resembles R. lycoperdon in the dendroid pseudo-capillitium, but differs from the latter in the fragile cortex and in the filamentous structure of the pseudo-capillitium. It is known so far only from the vicinity of Doorwerth, province of Gelderland, the Netherlands.