The list of Marantaceae published by PULLE (1906) comprises 20 species belonging to 6 genera, the largest genus being Calathea with 8 species. It was found, however, that one of the species does not belong to the family: investigation of the type of Calathea strobilifera (Miq.) Koern., viz. Kegel 1469 [GOET], showed that it pertains to Renealmia strobilifera Poepp. et Endl. (Zingiberaceae). The record of another species, Calathea allouia (Aubl.) Lindl. appeared to be based on a misidentification: the collection Focke 893 cited under this name by PULLE (1906) belongs to C. grandis O. G. Peters. Later on PULLE (1909) recorded the occurrence of one species more of this family in Suriname, viz. Myrosma polystachya Pulle, a new species. Since then no further additions to the list of Suriname species have been published. Our investigation of the Suriname material showed the occurrence of 33 species belonging to 8 genera. In the following pages a few taxonomic and phytogeographical remarks are made on some of these genera and species; they also contain the description of a new genus.