From July-December 1933 I made a botanical collecting trip in Surinam (Dutch Guiana). It was intended especially to collect the herbs and lower shrubs as in the last 20 years, for evident reasons, the collections made by the Forestry Bureau were made for the greater part from the large forest trees. Therefore I have visited several savannahs and coastal swamps. Nevertheless a great part of the collection was made also in the forest, though I had not engaged sufficient Bush-Negroes to collect the trees as intensively as I did the herbs and shrubs. Moreover I made many photographs from plants and plantcommunities and notes on the vegetation of the savannahs and swamps, which I hope to be able to publish later-on in an account on the Surinamian vegetation. I am much indebted to Prof. Dr. A. Pulle, director of the Botanical Museum and Herbarium at Utrecht who afforded the opportunity for this voyage and who gave me much useful advise and assisted me with the preparation. Grateful acknowledgement I wish to make to the managing-board of the „van Eedenfonds” at Amsterdam and the „Miquelfonds” from the University at Utrecht who gave financial support for my voyage. I wish to record my sincere thanks to Their Excellencies Dr. A. A. L. Rutgers and Prof. Mr. J. C. Kielstra. Governors of Surinam for the assistance I received from the Government, especially by their placing the means of conveyance at my disposal. To Prof. Dr. G. Stahel, director of the Agriculture Experiment Station at Paramaribo, I am much indebted for the help he gave me during my stay in Surinam, and for the practical advise for my journeys in the forest. It is impossible to mention separately all persons in Surinam who gave me practical assistance, so I use the opportunity to express here my sincere thanks to all of them. Finally I wish to record my best thanks to my friend Mr. J. P. Janssen and his wife for their hospitality, which made my stay in Surinam unforgettable.