This paper deals with the Vanguerieae, Cinchoneae, Condamineae and Rondeletieae, and concludes a study on the anatomy of the secondary xylem of the Cinchonoideae + Ixoroideae. The taxonomically homogeneous Vanguerieae show only little variation. Taxonomically the Cinchoneae, Condamineae, and Rondeletieae, placed near each other in the Cinchonoideae, are rather heterogeneous. Their woods show also more anatomical differences, with a similar scala of variation within each tribe. Numerical analysis of the pattern of variation was undertaken. Cluster analysis showed a very distinct bipartition, which remained almost invaried while calculations were executed with different character weighings. This bipartition is not expressed in the existing taxonomic classifications. An attempt to distinguish the three tribes on the basis of their wood anatomy was made, but was unsuccessful.