In Note I it is shown that the delimitation of the sections Bryoidium, Pachylomidium, Aloma and Semilimbidium subsect. Bryolimbidium is very vague. Consequently they are united. The resulting section contains the type species of the genus Fissidens and the correct name for it is, therefore, Fissidens. In Note II F. bambergeri Schimp. ex Milde, F. firmus Linb. ex Roth, F. herzogii Ruthe in Herzog, F. canariensis Bryhn and F. bilewskyi Pot. Varde are reduced to synonymy under F. minutulus Sull. F. minutulus is described, figured and characterized. Besides, it is compared with F. ovatifolius Ruthe. F. pusillus (Wils.) Milde, F. minutulus Sull. and F. viridulus (Swartz) Wahl, are compared and found to be three distinct species. F. subimmarginatus Phil, is reduced to synonymy under F. exiguus Sull.