□ The main purpose of this catalogue is to provide a complete listing of the species of liverworts hitherto known from Colombia and to summarize our present knowledge of species distribution within the country. It was prepared parallel to a catalogue of the mosses (Musci), which is being published elsewhere (Florschütz & Waard in press). The data were extracted from the available literature and from unpublished determinations of collections from U and COL, made in Colombia by A.M. Cleef (Utrecht), T. van der Hammen (Amsterdam), H. Bischler (Paris) and others. While the first author is responsible for the taxonomy and nomenclature of the taxa, the second author is responsible for the data on species distribution and collecting. □ The literature on Colombian liverworts is rather scattered and as a primary source of information the bibliography on Latin American liverworts by Fulford (1963) is indispensable. Additional references relevant to Colombia were listed by Robinson (1967a), who also provided a short survey of bryological collecting in the area. Apparently the oldest Colombian liverwort collections are from Mt. Quindío, where Humboldt & Bonpland in 1800-01 gathered a few specimens described by Hooker (1819-20) and Kunth (1822), e.g. Jungermannia crispata Hook. (=. Porella crispata (Hook.) Trevis. and J. subrotunda Kunth (= Symbiezidium subrotundum (Kunth) Trevis.). Most of the Colombian liverwort species listed by Kunth (l.c.) are now considered to be exclusively northern temperate in distribution, e.g. Jungermannia serpyllifolia Dicks. (= Lejeunea palens Lindb.) and J. tamarisci L. (=. Frullania tamarisci (L.) Raddi), but the specimens on which these questionable records were based have not yet been revised.