A revision of the Euphorbiaceous genus Meineckia has resulted in the recognition of 19 species, with 7 subspecies and 2 varieties (for a total of 25 distinct taxa). Proposed as new are 5 species and 1 subspecies, while new combinations are necessary for 14 species and 6 subspecific taxa. The extraordinary confusion in the taxonomic history of the genus is illustrated by the fact that the 14 previously recognized species have been classified under 6 different generic names: Cluytiandra, Flueggea, Neopeltandra, Peltandra, Phyllanthus, and Securinega. As revised, the number of species represented in the different regions is as follows: America, 3; Africa and Arabia, 4; Madagascar, 8; India and Ceylon, 4. The genus appears to be of African origin and is probably most closely related to Zimmermannia.