After the publication of the Araceae in the Flora of Suriname 1.2 (1953), p. 1-80, a number of rare and new species have been collected. Some of these were collected by Dr. J. Lindeman between 1953 and 1955, the remaining by the present authors, who visited Suriname from November, 1955, to March, 1956. Field observations by the authors clearly indicated the fragmentary status of our knowledge of Suriname Aroids. The reasons for this are to be sought in the difficulties involved in collecting and preserving. Also, a number of species may not flower over a period of several years. The inflorescences of many lianas are often almost inaccessible. A source of confusion is the variability in the leaves of a species. The following is an enumeration of species collected for the first time in Suriname, in addition to records of re-collections of rare species.