The Colombian representatives of the lichen family Parmeliaceae with linear lobes and marginal cilia have been revised. A key is given and morphology, chemistry and distribution are treated of 12 species in three genera: Cetrariastrum Sipm. gen. nov, with C. andense (Kärnef.) Sipm. comb. nov., C. dubitans Sipm. spec. nov. and C. equadoriense (Sant.) Sipm. comb. nov., Everniastrum with E. catawbiense (Degel.) Hale, E. cirrhatum (Fr.) Hale, E. columbiense (Zahlbr.) Hale, E. fragile Sipm. spec. nov., E. planum Sipm. spec. nov., E. sorocheilum (Vain.) Hale and E. vexans (Zahlbr.) Hale, and Parmelina cleefii Sipm. spec. nov. and P. swinscowii (Hale) Hale.