In continuation of de Ruiter’s treatment of Myrianthus and Musanga (Bull. Jard. Bot. Nat. Belg. 46: 471-510.1976), the present paper gives a revision of the African representatives of 17 genera of the Moraceae. The area studied not only consists of the African Continent, but also includes Madagascar, the Comoro Islands, the Mascarenes, the Seychelles, and the Aldabra Islands. Several new combinations are made: Antiaris toxicaria ssp. africana (Engl.) C.C. Berg, A. toxicaría ssp. africana var. usambarensis” (Engl.) C.C. Berg, A. toxicaria ssp. macrophylla (R.Br.) C.C. Berg, A. toxicaría ssp. madagascariensis (H. Perrier) C.C. Berg, A. toxicaria ssp. humbertii (Léandri) C.C. Berg, Broussonetia greveana (Baillon) C.C. Berg, Treculia africana ssp. madagascarica (N.E.Br.) C.C. Berg, and T. africana ssp. madagascarica var. sambiranensis (Léandri) C. C. Berg. Many names are brought into synonymy. Besides revising taxa, the present study aims to fill a gap in our knowledge between Asian Moraceae (studied by Corner, whose studies resulted in a new classification of the family) and the neotropical Moraceae, a subject of study by the present author. Therefore discussions about classification of the family and relationships of African Moraceae with moraceous taxa elsewhere are an essential part of the present paper.