In a recent paper PIERROT (BIZOT, PIERROT & POCS 1974) described the new genus Bizotia based on Paraleucobryum densifolium Thér. (THÉRIOT 1939). However, ROBINSON (1967) already made the presumption that Paraleucobryum densifolium should belong to Campylopus, notably C. argyrocaulon (C.M.) Broth. His conception of C. argyrocaulon was apparently based on MUELLER’s original description (MUELLER 1874) only, which includes a detailed description of the cross section of the costa. We examined part of the type collection of C. argyrocaulon (Wallis s. n., Colombia, NY) but this material, although MUELLER’s description is correct, does not exactly match the type material of Paraleucobryum densifolium (Troll 2144-2145, Colombia, PC-TH). The type material of C. argyrocaulon is identical with one of the paratypes of C. leucognodes (C.M.) Par. (Germain s. n., Bryoth. Levier, Bolivia, NY). ROBINSON also mentions Campylopus pittieri Williams (1908) under the presumed synonymy of C. argyrocaulon. Examination of the type material of the former species (Pittier 1088, Colombia, NY) shows that this species is indeed identical with Paraleucobryum densifolium.