The generic name Mapouria Aubl. should be applied to those Psychotrieae in which the following set of characters is found: deciduous stipules, heterostylous flowers, seeds without a longitudinal intrusion on the commissural side and an endosperm in which the spermoderm penetrates in the form of a network which may be confined to the commissural side but which, as a rule, extends over the whole surface. This means that it should be used also for those species which up to now have been included in Grumilea Gaertn. It need not be given up in favour of Psychotria. The name Psychotria may provisionally be retained in the conventional sense, with the proviso, however, that species with deciduous stipules or without a single or double longitudinal intrusion at the commissural side of the seed should be excluded. The endosperm may be ruminate, but the intrusions of the spermoderm should be confined to the bottom of the grooves on the convex side. The choice of a type species for this genus is better postponed until a decision has been reached on the question whether this group of species may be regarded as a natural one.