A small set of bryophytes collected on the islands of Malta and Gozo in April-May, 1968, and April, 1969, by K. U. Kramer and L. Y. Th. Westra (Utrecht) was handed to the author for identification. The results are presented here as a supplement to a paper on the vascular plants of the Maltese islands (Kramer et al. 1972). The collections are deposited in the herbarium of the State University of Utrecht. In the past few years many new data have been published on the bryophytes of the Mediterranean islands, cf. Sunding (1967,1971), Koppe (1965), Lübenau & Lübenau (1970), Düll (1967), Gradstein (1971), and Townsend (1965). The liverwort flora of the Mediterranean coasts is being studied thoroughly by Jovet-Ast & Bischler (cf. 1968). Yet the bryophyte flora of the Maltese islands received very little attention in the literature. A brief survey of the main data follows here.