The present paper deals with the wood anatomy of the Blakeeae (Melastomataceae). Generic descriptions of the secondary xylem of Blakea, Topobea, and Huilaea are given and compared with data on 16 genera of the Miconieae. Numerical pattern detection was undertaken. The results confirm our preliminary ideas that Blakea and Topobea do not differ enough to enable the separation of these genera on the basis of their wood anatomy. Within the Miconieae it is not possible to separate the genera. However, some anatomical differences between the two tribes were found. The genus Huilaea seems to belong in the Blakeeae although it also shows similarities with the Miconieae. Wurdack’s suggestion (pers. comm.) that the Blakeeae are closest to the genera Loreya and Bellucia, and perhaps should be merged with the Miconieae, is supported to some degree.