1. The following definition is proposed for the term Savannah. Savannahs are plains in the West Indian Islands and Northern South America covered with more or less xeromorph herbs and small shrubs and with few trees or larger shrubs. 2. It is suggested that the Suriname Savannahs have originated from Tropical Rain Forest, modified by Edaphic and Climatic conditions. The Edaphic Conditions being the main influence. 3. This new vegetation is liable to damage by fire, and this gives rise to the true savannah vegetation, which is a „fire climax”. 4. A description and species lists are given of Savannahs near Zanderij I, Brownsweg, Sectie O and between Moengo tapoe and Albina. 5. The vegetation of these savannahs seems to be most closely related to that of the French Guiana Savannahs. 6. A general description of the Swamps in the Western part of Suriname is given. Three main „associations” are recognized. The Typha angustifolia L. — Cyperns giganteus Vahl Swamp, the Cyperus articulatus L. Swamp and the Homalocenchrus hexandrus (Sw.) Kuntze — Rhynchospora corymbosa (L.) Hitch. Swamp. 7. Species lists are given of the Swamps near Nieuw Nickerie and near Coronie. 8. Species lists are given of the aquatic vegetation in the open water of these swamps.