This report deals with the results of the determination of bryophytes collected by the author in 1967 in the western District of Chanià on the island of Crete. 33 species new to Crete were discovered and a number of bryophytes were collected for the first time in the District Chanià. Some species listed here were previously known from only very few European localities: Riella notarisii, Solenostoma handelii, Rhamphidium rechingeri and Trematodon longicollis. Rhamphidium rechingeri has been found to be conspecific with the west-mediterranean Rhamphidium purpuratum Michx. A few remarks are made on the distribution of the bryophytes on the island. A relatively rich flora of liverworts is present in District Chanià, which is due to a high annual precipitation-rate and to the presence of well-irrigated schistose mountain-areas in this region.