The eryonid decapod Eryon yehoachi Remy & Avnimelech, 1955, from the Late Cretaceous of Israel, is redescribed as a fossil stomatopod species within the new genus Ursquilla. This redescription is based on the original type specimen and two additional records from Israel and Jordan. The material allows a detailed reconstruction of the telson, the sixth abdominal tergite, and part of the uropods. The distinct telson ornamentation of these stomatopods justifies the erection of a new family within the superfamily Squilloidea.

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Keywords Stomatopoda, Mesozoic, Cretaceous, fossils, taphonomy, Squilloidea, new family Ursquillidae, taxonomy, new genus, Ursquilla
Journal Contributions to Zoology

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Hof, C. H. J. (1998). Late Cretaceous stomatopods (Crustacea, Malacostraca) from Israel and Jordan. Contributions to Zoology, 67(4), 257–266.