Arckenhausen, J.C.P. (1784-1855) The draftsman from Goslar, Germany, who was in the service of C.L. Blume, from 1829 till 1832 or probably later. He worked up many of the drawings Blume had brought from Bogor, for the Flora Javae, mostly vol. 1 and 2, fewer vol. 3 and 4. In a book by H.G. Griep e.a., published by the Museumsverein Goslar (1977), details are given, and several fine reproductions. Blume, C.L. (1796-1862) The botanist for Java, first director of the Bogor Botanic Gardens, and founder of the Rijksherbarium, is the subject of a typewritten study by A. den Ouden: C.L. Blume, periode 1826-1832, 136 + xii p. It is a preliminary paper (in Dutch) for a Ph.D. thesis. Author delved into various archives and came up with a large harvest. There is an impressive amount of documentation in this report already, and a useful 9-page chronological account from birth to 1832. During the period under study, Blume was in Java and founded the Rijksherbarium, which was transferred from Brussels to Leiden; many details are given. The financing of the Flora Iavae in a period when the nation was poor, is another subject elaborated. Blume was a man of remarkable keenness: besides his botanical work, he found time to amass zoological collections, and effectively introduced vaccination in Java. His character was generous on the one hand, stingy on the other; lofty in his intentions, abrasive in his manners. We hope that the work will be continued and come to fruition. Address of author: Biohistorie, Nieuwe Gracht 187, Utrecht, The Netherlands.