Flora of Thailand. Of this new project (see p. 1556 of this Bulletin) the first part of volume 2 appeared, dated Sept. 1970 (received Leyden 8 Dec.), containing revisions of Haloragaceae (R. van der Meijden), Rhizophoraceae (Ding Hou), Oxalidaceae (J.F. Veldkamp), Rosaceae (J.E. Vidal), Ochnaceae (A. Kanis), and Icacinaceae (H. Sleumer). The octavo volume looks attractive, well-printed on excellent paper. This first number covers 92 pp. The only figures in it are 3 of Rosaceae, but they are not of high quality. For convenient tracing of localities a loose map of Thailand is added indicating the floristic provinces and regions of Thailand, with a name list of these. All taxa are described and there are keys to genera and species. Each species is provided with synonymy, general and Thailand distribution, ecology, uses and vernacular names. All text is in English; vernaculars are also in Thai characters. No new names are proposed.