Father G. Peekel died Febr. 19, 1949, in the Bismarck Arch. He is known as a plant collector since 1908 when he was stationed in the Bismarck Archipelago. In this Bulletin (p. 44) the rescue of his MS. Flora of the Bismarcks was announced. Many of his specimens formed the subject of contributions to Malaysian phytography (cf. ”Beiträge zur Flora Papuasiens” in Engler’s Bot. Jahrb. since 1912, and ”Plantae Peekelianae” by L. DIELS). Peekeliodendron SLEUMER, and numerous plant species commemorate his name. Prof. Dr R. Kanehira died at Tokyo on November 27th, 1948. During the Japanese occupation of Java he was Head of the Herbarium and of the Library (”Bibliotheca”) at Buitenzorg. See also under ”Miscellaneous”.