Nature Conservation in western Malaysia, 1961. Edited by J. wyatt-Smith & P.R. Wycherley. An issue to mark the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the founding of the Malayan Nature Society 1940-1961. viii + 258 pp., 44 plates, maps. There is all reason to congratulate the Malayan Nature Society with her coming of age. On account of this fact, she presented herself to the world with a book that we are exceedingly glad to review here. It consists of an introduction by Mr E.J.H. Corner, F.R.S., and 46 chapters which cover surprisingly many aspects of Nature Conservation and Environment, National Parks, and Wilf Life, these being three sections of the four into which the book has been subdivided; the fourth is General. The book has been copiously illustrated with fine photographs, and many charming vignettes of animals (by Mrs Ann Milton) at the end of the chapters. Purpose of the book is, to arouse interest in the conservation of nature by setting forth what has been done, what treasures have been safeguarded thanks to these actions, and what further should be done and why.