The following is an abstract of my notes made during the sessions of the Section for Nomenclature at the 7th International Botanical Congress at Stockholm. The Congress lasted, officially, from 12 till 20 July, 1950. The Section for Nomenclature, however, began to meet on July 7. I wish to state that this review has no authority or official capacity. I made notes for private use and because it seemed useful, on further consideration, to inform the Staff and collaborators of the Flora Nalesiana.. of the changes in the Rules adopted by the last Congress, it was thought best to publish a review here, pending the official publication of the new Rules as a whole. I am told that an official note or communication dealing with the results obtained by the Section for Nomenclature is being prepared and will appear in the first Nuntius Phytotaxonomicus, the new periodical to be issued by the International Bureau of Plant Taxonomy, Secretary Prof. Dr J. Lanjouw at Utrecht.