Blume, C. L, Bijdragen tot de kennis van de Flora van Nederlandsch Indië. Reprint of part 4 ( 1850). Dr M. A. DONK draws attention to the fact that part 4 of BLUME’ s Bijdragen was reprinted in 1850, at Batavia. The printers were VAN LANGE & Co, not the Landsdrukkerij this time. A copy of this second edition is in the Bibliotheca at Bogor. The letterprint is different from that of the original and the paper is of inferior quality. The numbering of the pages is kept as much as possible in agreement with the original edition. At Bogor there is an other copy of the Bijdragen in which part 4 is in MS,; this indicates that at some time no stock was available of the original edition.