P. Collenette, The Geology and, mineral resources of the Jesselton-Kinabalu area, North Borneo. Geol. Surv. Dept. Brit. Terr. in Borneo Memoir no. 6. Govt. Printer, Kuching, 1958, 40 fig., 53 pl., 1 col. geol. map. Bound M$ 6 or 14 sh. This is also for the botanist an interesting book, in that it provides maps and many photographs of the fascinating Kinabalu area. There is an account of the exploration and the various routes for ascent. The geology offers aspects for the plant ecologist in soils on acid, volcanic, and ultrabasic rocks, on which there is an account on pp. 124-127, derived from preliminary work by Mr Nicholson. Special mention is also made about the peat deposits near Benoni, pp. 159-162. There is a bibliography and an index.--v. St.