New authors. Again a number of colleagues have volunteered to participate in the Flora Malesiana project and to treat a number of taxa, i.e. Balsaminaceae (Dr. Shimizu, KANA) and Saxifragaceae (Dr. L.G. Saw, KEP), whereas for the Pteridaceae we are trying to raise funds to set up a team (Dr. M. Zink and Mr. H. Schneider [Z] and Dr. Aziz Bidin [UKMB]). Annonaceae. Dr. K. Mat-Salleh (UKMB) is studying Cyathocalyx, Drepananthus, Enicosanthum, Goniothalamus, Marsypopetalum, Mitrephora, Neouvaria, Woodiellantha, and Xylopia for the Tree Flora of Sabah and Sarawak.