This series of two or more volumes starts to be published in the summer of 1962; the page proofs of the first volume, which was sent to the press in May 1960, were received by Dr. E. Quisumbing at Manila where the volume is being printed, in March; its publication can be expected by July 1962. The series ”Pacific Plant Areas” means to give all that is already known about distribution of taxa of generic and lower level which centre round the Pacific Ocean, and also to add to our knowledge by giving new maps which have been carefully prepared by specialists. Hence the series consists of a bibliographic part and a cartographic part, preceded by an explanatory introduction. Volume I is mainly bibliographic, containing about 3200 references to maps and 26 newly prepared maps; volume II will be mainly cartographic, containing about 124 newly prepared maps, and will hopely be ready for the press by the end of 1962.