In 1834 Royle (Ill. Him. Bot. p. 136) indicated very briefly, but sufficiently, as was not infrequently done in those early days, the characters of a new genus, already recognized but not validly published by Wallich, named Cardiopteris. Under this name it was taken up and fully described and pictured by Blume (Rumphia part 29, Dec. 1842-April 1843, p. 206) who based a new family on it, Cardiopteridaceae. Hasskarl described the same plant independently as the type of a new genus for his Cat. Hort. Bog. (1844) 235, naming it Peripterygium. In a precursor to that Catalogue he published this name in advance (in Tijd. Natuurl. Geschied. & Phys. 10, 2nd instalment, March 1843, 142). The date March 1843 is cited by Hasskarl himself, cf. Flora 27 (1844) 583.