Until his retirement in September 1972, Dr. C.G.G.J. van Steenis was director of the Rijksherbarium and professor of botany at Leiden University as well as Editor of the Flora Malesiana. In the function of professor-director he was succeeded by Dr. C. Kalkman, but has retained the Editorship of the Flora Malesiana. About the same time, a change in legislation in the Netherlands established ’democracy’ at all hierarchical levels of universities. It means that decisions are made by chosen committees or by voting. The merits of this system are still largely in the realms of hope. Fortunately, the Rijksherbarium people are very much of one mind, and to a man expressed themselves in favour of continuation of work on the Flora Malesiana. So it came about that, when Professor Van Steenis laid down the editorship of the Flora Malesiana Bulletin — although, as I am very glad to say, he will continue to contribute, and to compile the Bibliography — my name was put up for discussion and was approved by the members of the ’tropical staff’. Almost immediately thereupon, both Dr. Van Steenis and I went abroad (separately). This set the closing date of the Bibliography at 1 September 1973.