Composition of the Board of the Foundation Flora Malesiana. — The Board met during the Flora of Thailand Symposium in Phuket. The members Dr. P. Baas and Dr. K. Iwatsuki, whose terms had expired, were happy to continue on the Board. Dr. S.H. Sohmer withdrew and Dr. A. Hay agreed to take the vacant chair. The Board of Foundation Flora Malesiana now consists of: Chairman: Dr. M.A. Rifai (Bogor, Indonesia) Vice-Chairman: Dr. P. Baas (Leiden, the Netherlands) Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. M.C. Roos (Leiden, the Netherlands) Other members of the Executive Committee: Dr. A.M. Latiff (Bangi, Malaysia), Dr. K. Larsen (Aarhus, Denmark) Other members: Dr. J. Burley (Cambridge, USA), Dr. J. Dransfield (Kew, UK), Mr. O. Gideon (Lae, Papua New Guinea), Dr. A. Hay (Sydney, Australia), Dr. K. Iwatsuki (Tokyo, Japan), Dr. D.A. Madulid (Manila, the Philippines), Dr. P. Morat (Paris, France), Dr. F.S.P. Ng (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), Dr. D.H. Nicolson (Washington D.C., USA), Dr. A. Soegiarto (Jakarta, Indonesia), Dr. H. van der Werff (St. Louis, USA), Dr. J.G. West (Canberra, Australia).