The South Asia Institute (see note on page 2342) has changed its address in Heidelberg, Germany: now P.O. Box 10 30 66. Work is in progress on the geography – with a botanical inclination – on Nepal, Ceylon, Java, Sumba, Timor, Papua New Guinea, and Stewart Island, New Zealand. New policy of NUFFIC. The two projects executed by the Rijksherbarium for the Netherlands University Foundation For International Cooperation: seedlings in Bogor and Flora of Thailand, have been completed and discontinued respectively. Both were conceived in the early days of NUFFIC, when initiatives of interested parties were welcomed. Election of a socialist government in Holland in 1973 brought a gradual change in policy, towards larger, multidisciplinary projects for the benefit of the poorest, and we were informed that small projects like the above would not be accepted. We will see what the next elections bring, in 1977.