The rice weeds project. In 1976, a joint project was set up under the aegis of the Netherlands University Foundation For International Cooperation (NUFFIC, Box 90734, The Hague), by the universities of Utrecht and Amsterdam and the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) on the Dutch side, and BIOTROP (Box 17, Bogor) on the Indonesian side. Coordinators are Professor R. van der Veen and Mr. P.J. van Rijn. Its objective is the study of weeds and their ecology in the rice fields of Indonesia. A sharp distinction between dry and wet rice fields cannot be made for this kind of work: the dikes in the wet rice areas often carry dry rice weeds, and where locally fields are irrigated but part of the time, the weed flora assumes a mixed or successional character. More workable is the distinction between permanent rice fields on the one hand, and those under shifting cultivation regimes on the other; the latter have been excluded from the study.