Dr. J.A.R. Anderson made a botanical expedition to Bt. Tibang, the topographical centre of Borneo in mid-1969. He wrote that it was ”most successful”. Taking into consideration the usual reticence of British explorers, to which Dr. Anderson makes no exception, this exuberant expression points to an exceptional boon in the unravelling of Bornean botany. Mrs. Gemma Cruz Araneta has been appointed Director of the National Museum, Manila, vice Prof. Galo B. Ocampo. She was at one time the Chief Guide and Information Writer of the same office. The holder of a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Foreign Service, she has travelled extensively all over the world, observing museums particularly in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia. She has been the recipient of several awards given by the Philippine Government for public service, and from private organizations for journalism. Incidentally, she won the beauty title of ”Miss International” for 1964 in Long Beach, California.