BUIJZE, W. 2001. De generate Lant-beschrijvinge van het Ambonse Gouvernement, ofwel De Ambonsche Lant-beschrijvinge door G.E. Rumphius. xlvi + 336 pp., illus. ISBN 90-8045272-6, NUGI 606.641.645.646 (pbk). Privately published by W. Buijze. Price NLG 47.95. Distributed by Boekhandel A. Houtschild, Papestraat 13, 2513 AV Den Haag, The Netherlands. Admirers, myself included, of the great naturalist Georg Everhard Rumpf, better known as Georgius Everhardus Rumphius (1627-1702) will be pleased to see in print this thorough study. It is a collation and transcription of three copies of an hitherto unpublished manuscript dating from 1678 and forms one of the major works of Rumphius.