The specimens collected by J.R. and G. FORSTER on Capt. COOK’s second voyage around the world are widely dispersed in at least 15 European herbaria. Apparently no single institution has a full set, and no attempt has been made to account for and lectotypify the names of taxa based on this material. Since numbered collections with duplicates in the modern sense were not made, there are usually no proven isotypes of either holotypes or lectotypes. I am attempting to list published lectotypifications of Pacific Island taxa based on Forster material and to assemble information needed to choose suitable lectotypes where these have not been chosen and published previously. I will appreciate information on published lectotypifications and on the location and identity of Forster specimens not already annotated by me. F.R. Fosberg, U.S. National herbarium, Smithsonian Institution, Washington – D.C. 20560, U.S.A.