During the preparation of a rather substantial biographical sketch of C.L. Blume intended as the Dedication to volume 10 of the Flora Malesiana which will also contain a complete bibliography of his works, there was one dubious item, the ’Mélanges Botaniques’. Although names of new taxa from it were supposedly validated by Walpers (Ann. 4, 1857, 642—644) and a rather large extract from it was published in an unsigned review in Flora 41 (1858) 254—2, no effectively printed copies of this pamphlet were known to exist. Various comments on this enigmatic paper have been given especially with regard to the source: was the review made from a manuscript, from proofs, or from actually printed matter? As nobody had ever seen a printed copy it was concluded by Stafleu & Cowan (TL-2, 1, 1976, 241) that it had not been printed.