Dr. J.A.R. Anderson, who retired from the Sarawak Forest Service, and now lives at 15 Church Hill, Edinburgh EH10 4BG, will continue his interest in Malesian botany and ecology as a consultant forester and ecologist. The MS. of a project on which he had been working for several years is now in the final stage. This is a ”Check List of the Trees of Sarawak”; the scientific names will be coded and alphabetically arranged by families, genera and species, together with a moderately comprehensive list of vernacular names. This should be of value to the Forest Department in Sarawak. Miss P. Aston, senior botanist at the Melbourne Herbarium, is Australian liaison officer at Kew where she will remain until mid-1974. She is specialized in aquatic plants of Australia on which subject she wrote a most informative book (1973) which will be duly reviewed in this journal.