Getting there — Various methods to access canopies are described in Selbyana 16 (1995). Ashton et al. explain a tackle and boom method used for the phenology of Shorea flowering in Malesia. Note the rather funny sketch. Dorrington sketches lighter-than-air powered balloons with which canopies can be explored. Donahue & Wood describe and depict a climbing technique practiced by rock climbers and cave explorers, including equipment lists. Lowman & Bouricus discuss the construction, equipment, and costs of platforms and bridges for durable access. In the latter’s literature list the following reference seems of interest to incipient arborists: Moffett, M. & M.D. Lowman. 1995. Methods of access into forest canopies in M.D. Lowman & N. Nadkami (Eds.), Forest canopies: 1—24. See also Laman, “Safety recommendations for climbing rain forest trees with ‘single rope technique’”, Biotropica 27 (1995) 406—409 (see Bibliography). You would do well to read it! Another instructive paper I have cited previously (FMB 11/6, 1995, 443) is: Dial, R. & S.C. Tobin. 1994. Description of arborist methods for forest canopy access and movement. Selbyana 15: 24—37, ill. Thailand — An expedition by AAU (K. Larsen, S.S. Larsen, R. Morran, C. Tange) and BKF (D. Shookchalerm, C. Niyomdham) was undertaken from 1 August to 15 October, 1995. One month was spent in the southernmost rain forest reserves near the Malaysian border.