Recently a 9-page report was issued as a first step to establish a modest but effective station for all kinds of field work, amid the Gunung Leuser Reserves, on the bank of the Alas River. Some details about these Reserves, which together cover 6500 sq. km, have been sketched on pages 2185 and 2186 of Flora Malesiana Bulletin no. 27. The whole area is exceedingly rich in plant and animal life, and is also geologically interesting and varied. It would be the first station of its kind in Sumatra, situated at about 300 m altitude, with tops of 3000 m and higher within reach. Little ecological work has been done yet, except on orangutans, but collections of identified material of plants and animals, and publications thereon, are in existence, which means that a basis for further work has been laid. The station will have elementary facilities, like working benches, a basic hand-library, electricity, and a dark-room, but workers should bring their own specific movable equipment.