Blake, S.T.: The Cyperaceae collected in New Guinea by L.J. Brass II (Journ. Arn. Arbor. 28 (1947) 207-229, 1 fig. 2 pl.). Deals with the genera Hypolytrum, Thoracostachyum, Paramapania, Mapania, Lepironia, Cyperus, Eleocharis, Bulbostylis, Fuirena, Lipocarpha. Two new species of Cyperus, 1 of Mapania and 1 of Paramapania are described. Bremekamp, C.E.B.: A monograph of the genus Acranthera Arn. ex Meisn. (Rub.) (Journ. Arnold Arb. 28 (1947) 261-308). The genus is known from Ceylon and SE Asia to W Malaysia. It is subdivided into 9 subgenera; 35 spp. are recognized of which 14 are new to science. Psilobium Jack and Gonyanera Korth. are reduced.