For PROSEA, internet seems to offer an excellent opportunity to widely distribute and disseminate information on the plant resources of SE Asia. The PROSEA databank contains several very useful databases for PROSEA clientele. As try-outs the following three units are available on internet at: – BIBWEB, short for bibliography on the web, based on PROSEA’S PREPHASE – a unique collection of references to grey literature in the fields of agriculture, forestry and botany from SE Asia. Each record contains a clear indication of the source of publication and the location where the publication can be consulted; – PHOTWEB, short for photo on the web, based on PROSEA’S PHOTFILE – all PROSEA line-drawings and a large collection of photographs of plant species dealt with in the PROSEA handbook. At present it contains more than 10,000 images; – TEXTWEB, short for text on the web, based on PROSEA’S TEXTFILE – the electronic equivalent of the printed PROSEA handbook. At the 10th PROSEA Board of Trustees Meeting, 20-22 November 2000, Chiang Mai, Thailand, new agreements of cooperation 2001-2005 were signed between the PROSEA Foundation and the participating institutions, but WAG will only participate as full member until the end of 2002. The Board approved the Action Plan 2000-2005 for management and the Project Formulation Framework (2001-2005) useful for fund raising. New members of the Board until 2003 are Dr. P. Siaguru (UNITECH, PNG), Dr. P.S. Faylon (PCARRD, Philippines) and Dr. B. Varasundharosch (TISTR, Thailand).