Thanks to the hospitality and arrangements of Professor IWATSUKI, the Board could meet during the XV International Botanical Congress. At the meeting Prof. LUCAS AND DR. Roos were re-appointed, whereas Dr. BURLEY was appointed to succeed Dr. STEVENS as representative of the Harvard University. The Board now consists of Prof. APRILANI SOEGIARTO (LIPI; chairman, 1994), Prof. P. BAAS (L; vice-chairman, 1996), Dr. M.C. Roos (L; secretary/treasurer, 1998), Prof. K. LARSEN (AAU; member Executive Committee, 1994), Prof. A. LATIFF MOHAMAD (UKMB; member Executive Committee, 1994), Dr. B.A. BARLOW (CSIRO; 1997), Prof. K. IWATSUKI (TI; 1996), Prof. G.LL. LUCAS (K; 1998), Dr. D.A. MADULID (PNH; 1997), Prof. PH. MORAT (P; 1995), Dr. F.S.P. NG (FAO-Rome; 1995), Dr. D.H. NICOLSON (US; 1997), Prof. P.H. RAVEN (MO; 1995), Prof. M.A. RIFAI (BO; 1995), Dr. S.H. SOHMER (Bot.Res. Inst., Fort Worth; 1996), Dr. P. SRIVASTAVA (LAE; to be succeeded by Mr. O. Gideon), Dr. J. BURLEY (A; 1998).