AMSHOFF, Ms. Dr. Gerda Jane Hillegonda (5 January 1913 — 10 February 1985) Ms. Amshoff studied biology at the State University of Utrecht. Her Ph.D. thesis was on the Leguminosae of Surinam. In later years she was attached to the Agricultural College of Wageningen and worked as a staffmember of WAG, later free lance, largely on the flora of Africa. Shortly before World War II she had made an excellent revision of the Leguminosae of New Guinea which was to be published in Nova Guinea. The manuscript reached the proof stage (May 1943) but was unfortunately never printed, apparently because under the German Occupation any publication in English was forbidden. The lead was molten down and only a single proof was saved. Why after the War it was not set again and published is not clear. The proof was used by Verdcourt when he revised the Leguminosae for New Guinea. A copy of it is now also present in L.