Flora Malesiana series i volume 8 instalment 3, pages (1)-(19) and 301- 577 came from the press in October 1978. Price Dfl. 190. It contains the Title page, Contents, Dedication to F.A.W. Miquel by F.A. Stafleu (a very full account of Miquel’s significance for Malesian botany), Abbreviations and signs, Revisions, Addenda (mainly in the Rhizophoraceae), and Index, by Mrs. M.J. van Steenis-Kruseman. The binding of volume 8 is also available. The revisions of this instalment are two. H. Keng, Labiatae (p. 301- 394, 32 fig.), deals with 88 wild and 25 cultivated species in 32 genera. Also mentioned are 11 cultivated species, in 9 other genera. Distribution is extensively discussed; J. Muller gave a palynological comment on the subdivision of the family. A long chapter on phytochemistry and chemotaxonomy, digesting many recent data, was contributed by R. Hegnauer. Ding Hou, Anacardiaceae (p. 395-548, 69 fig.), deals with 149 sp. in 22 genera. Seedlings are discussed by E.F. de Vogel, anatomy with many data by P. Baas, chemistry with many new compounds by R. Hegnauer.