Since Sept. 1967 Mr. J. Muller, formerly of the Shell, has been appointed at the Rijksherbarium to pursue palynological research in conjunction with taxonomical work, in particular on the Malesian flora. This is a most fortunate situation as Mr. Muller has a very wide knowledge of tropical palynology, having worked himself in Venezuela and Brunei, partly with fossil pollen, but necessarily also with pollen of living tropical plants. We remind of his work on the pollen of the peat swamps in Borneo. See references on p. 1491 of Fl.Mal.Bull. no. 21. Through his energy and enthusiasm he has in the two years since his appointment attracted various students and is contributing himself and finishing off certain research subjects he elaborated formerly, notably his very large work on Sonneratia, Barringtonia, Ochnaceae; he is working now on Sapindaceae.