APINMAP (Asian Pacific Information Network on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants). — The renewed interest for medicinal preparations from plants particularly in rural areas has prompted international developmental organizations, e.g. UNESCO, to stimulate the creation of information support mechanisms. Thus APINMAP was launched in July 1987 by 11 Asian and Australian participating countries. The Secretariat is based in Bangkok. The AIBA (Agricultural Information Bank for Asia), Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture, Laguna, the Philippines, coordinates the activities and is responsible for consolidating and redistributing the incoming information. There are the following objectives: — making available and using to the maximum extent possible information, either acquired from abroad, or generated by research and development activities of the region; — assisting in the development or strengthening of specialized information services and information handling capabilities of the member states; — providing guidance in the development of information products and services appropriate to various target user communities of the network; — promoting resource sharing activities and services; — providing linkages to other regional and international networks or services in the fields of medical and aromatic plants and chemistry of natural products; The following information products and services are currently available: — bibliographic databases prepared by and produced in each of the participating countries on medicinal and aromatic plants. Available on diskette. Printed form in whole or part can be requested; — referral database of information sources, research institutes, and experts. Available on diskette. Print-outs of specific items may be requested;