The EU-Human Capital and Mobility grant for the network on Botanical diversity in the Indo-Pacific region finished in December 1996. By enabling 4 post-docs and 5 postgraduates to do Flora Malesiana related research, this network has made an important contribution to the Flora projects involved. All in all the 9 grantees treated some 350 species, which means an annual rate of 20 species/person. This is quite substantial compared to the average annual rate of contributors to the Flora Malesiana which is about 15 species/person. Furthermore, the cooperation among the participating institutes has achieved important impetus thanks to the network grant and has led to a number of joint Ph.D.-projects and exchange of grantees to complete the network projects under a different funding scheme. The collaboration in the network has resulted amongst other things in 33 joint publications. The Euphorbiaceae research has obtained important impulse from the network. Completion of the revision of the Apocynaceae has come in sight, due to the substantial amount of work that could be carried out thanks to the network grant.